Each child is affected by autism differently, so the search for treatments can be difficult. One problem that many autistic children may experience is issues with how they view the world around them. By participating in a standardized visual perception treatment for autistic children, your child may be able to overcome these difficulties, and be able to see the world clearly, which can also make learning somewhat easier and lessen behavior problems.

Sensory overload and distortion may be a problem for many autistic children. These complications may be apparent in people who do not suffer from autism as well. Those with autism, however, find that the overabundant play on their senses caused by light, colors, and shapes, is simply too much to handle, so they may throw a tantrum or completely shut out everything around them.

Many treatment methods have been developed to assist in alleviating these difficulties. The feelings of sensory overload can be a genetic disorder that is greatly intensified by the autism. If the parents of the autistic child have faced problems with reading or for any other reason have been treated for visual perception problems, then it is a good possibility that the child needs assistance as well.

The Irene method could quite possibly be the most effective technique for treating problems with visual perception. In this method, colors are used to produce a more balanced environment. To do so, color filters are used over the page of a book to enable the autistic child to read and comprehend easier. This method has been proven successful, if your child is old enough and/or struggling with the ability to read, you may want to invest in color filters.

Color filters are more beneficial if used all day rather than just during an autistic child’s education and reading. If you have tried the color filters, and your child’s reading has improved, you should look into special colored lensed eyeglasses that the child can wear regularly. There will be some trial and error involved to determine which color your child reacts to best. An added step to this method would be using colored light bulbs in your home to aid in the visual perception treatment.

If successful, the Irene method can totally change the autistic child’s life for the better. The colors used in the technique assist in depth perception, as they allow the child to better realize how far he is away from an object. The world seems calmer for the child when he looks through a certain color, which will promote social interaction by making him feel calm and helping him understand facial expressions.

As stated, the colors also help with learning, especially in reading and comprehension. It can also reduce dizziness and headaches commonly felt by children with autism. This strategy is definitely worth a try for many autistic children, as it can assist with coping in the world with the disorder.