Educators care about the safety, health, and happiness of their students. Participating in building Safe Routes to School programs can help with:

  • Increasing family involvement.
  • Students arriving safely to and from school.
  • Decreasing bus transportation costs.
  • Reducing the prevalence of childhood obesity.

Bike and Pedestrian Safety Education

Teaching students how to be safe when walking and biking in the neighborhood is a simple first step to improving the health of your students. Many schools are teaching these skills in their physical education classes and seeing the changes out in the neighborhoods.

Bring IWALK to your school in October

Feet First brings to Washington the International Walk to School (IWALK) Month in October. Every year, thousands of schools around the world get their students walking through IWALK celebrations – how about you?

We are being to develop our regional planning. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities contact Jen Cole, Safe Routes to School Director by emailing or calling 206-652-2310 ext. 2. Join us for a regional planning meeting September 7. 

To access Feet First's IWALK resources, go here.

Safe Routes to School Grants

Pursue a Safe Routes to School grant from the Washington State Department of Transportation. This ongoing fund is awarded bi-annually. To see a list of grant recipients and the calls for applications, visit the Washington Department of Transportation SRtS site.

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