Statewide Contacts and Useful Links

The following organizations play important roles in the support and advancement of SRTS statewide. Check out our links to learn more about the many SRTS resources in Washington State.

Washington Bikes (formerly the Bicycle Alliance of Washington)

Washington Bikes advocates for bicyclists and a bike-friendly Washington.

Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation

This arm of Seattle-based Cascade Bicycle Club  provides education programs and consulting services in the interest of creating a better community through bicycling.

Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition

The Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition is a coalition of organizations working on improving our overall environment so our children live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Feet First

Feet First is a private non-profit working to ensure that all communities in Washington are walkable.  Our Safe Routes to School department is dedicated to making it safer and easier for children to walk to school.

Washington State Department of Health

Our State DOH has information specific to health school environments.

Washington State Department of Transportation

Our State DOT has information and funding for Safe Routes to School.

Local Community Contacts:

Many SRTS partners will be found at the local and grassroots levels. When trying to identify community partners, the following links may be helpful:

Seattle Department of Transportation

Local Law Enforcement Contacts can be found through the Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs and Washington State Patrol websites.

Washington State Department of Transportation Bicycle and Pedestrian program contacts, including information about regional specialists, may be found on this WSDOT website page.

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